A Prelude & A Coming Soon

What to expect from Appear & Emerge?

A side-project within a side-project. Can it get any more meta?


I’ve been looking for a way to create ongoing content that dives deeper into topics for content creators for a long time. I noticed that Twitch creators are constantly discussing the type of content they produce and the games & categories they play… wondering whether what they are doing is the right thing or right way to do things.

I’m also personally always spotting categories that seem remarkably quiet considering the potential audience size or type of content that could be made by people with passions in those areas.

I think Appear & Emerge is the best way for me to do this right now. So let’s test it and see!

Is it free?

Yes! As with our guides, all content is free and accessible.

However, there will be a paid version of the email newsletter where you get to read my personal thoughts on streaming, the wider gaming industry and even more opportunities I spot within the gaming content creator community.

I am also looking to roll this out into an audio format to subscribers only for those who would prefer to listen rather than read.

How often will these emails be?

I’ll be realistic and say I am sending one out every month. Firstly, I don’t want to spam you with a load of emails that you’ll get bored, hate them and throw them in the spam pile. And secondly, The Emergence is a side-project from the actual full-time job I have, it’s unlikely i’ll be able to keep running the website, writing the guides, chatting on Twitter, Discord and posting content on Instagram while also writing a weekly email newsletter… EEK!

You can subscribe for February’s email here:

What is The Emergence?

The Emergence is a streaming education, guides & tutorial website. We are dedicated to teaching content creators everything they need to know to help them start or grow their streaming journey. We seek out the emerging heroes of the future. 

Thank you for having a look, hope to see you soon!